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3802ICT Programming Languages Problem 1: Simpson’s Rule

Thursday, August 20th, 2020

3802ICT Programming Languages, Trimester 2, 2020
Assignment 1
School of Information and Communication Technology
Griffith University
August 19, 2020
Marks 20
Due 11:59 pm, Tuesday 8 September, 2020.
1 Problems
Problem 1: Simpson’s Rule (5 marks)
Problem: Create a Haskell module that exports a higher order function that will numerically
integrate a function f(x) with type Double -> Double from a lower limit a to an upper limit
b, using Simpson’s 1/3 rule, to a given tolerance, .
The solution must be efficient, in that it should not call f(x) for the same x value twice.
Also provide a Main module with a test driver.
Problem 2: Quadtrees (5 marks)
Problem 3: Another Puzzling Problem (5 marks)
Problem 4: A Plug For UNIX (5 marks)
2 Submission
• Make sure your scripts are a plain text files, with a names ending in .hs or .lhs.
• Put each solution in a folder named Problemn .
• Put all these folders in a folder named your family name, eg Rock.
• Zip it, and submit via the link on Learning@Griffith. Multiple submissions will be accepted, but
only the last one will be marked.
3 Extensions
Extensions must only be applied for by the official online system, with appropriate documentation.
3.1 Help
• Ask questions in labs.
• Ask questions in the Assignment 1 chat on Teams. Post no code. Anything in English is OK. Watch
what other people are asking for clues.
3.2 Feedback
• Marks to the marks centre on Learning@Griffith.
• Via the Rubric on Learning@Griffith.