IT consultation: Networking Option

IT consultation: Networking Option
The incorporation of technology and its components have become a basic need, thus inclining organization to be aligned to innovations and advanced technology in their environment. MilleniAds being new in the market and an advertisement company it needs it needs to incorporate technology in its operations as a basic need. It is vital to note that the organization will have officers in the field and others in the offices. The need to communicate and relate to business issues needs to be achieved by adopting different networking options. Additionally, various official functions will be implemented using technology related to computer and network systems. MilleniAds needs to incorporate different networking options in its operations to enhance the linking of different parties to the business, such as officers in offices, officers in the field and customers.
Networking Options
1. Issues to determine network requirements
Different factors will enhance the determination of the networking options to be adopted in MilleniAd’s business operations. In this regard, the available funds budgeted for the information technology will determine the networking options adopted in the organization. The business is constrained to work within the set budget to meet other organizational needs (Chen et al., 2012). Consequently, the competitors’ networking options will be a significant determinant in deciding the networking options to use. Organizations use technological options available in their environment and available to the competitors. This fact ensures that MilleniAds will comfortably compete in the market while reaching out to potential customers. Additionally, the networking option will be dependent on the technology conversant with the employees in the organization. The organization uses a networking option that the employees have skills and knowledge or will have to train them. Therefore, the decision on the networking options to adopt is dependent on several factors to ensure they are used to the benefit of their organizations.
b. Compare and contrast of networking options
There are different networking options in the market, and MilleniAds will choose them based on their needs. The company has the option of using the Local Area Networks (LAN) that is divided into wireless and wired network options (Hadley, Nicol and Smith, 2017). Under the wired network, there are Ethernet networking options. The Ethernet has high speed and is more reliable and does not have wireless interfaces. However, when devices are simultaneously connected to the Ethernet, the wireless network tends to stall. The Ethernet is negatively affected by the physical obstructions, especially when it is located on several levels, thus significantly decreasing the signal strength. There are diverse systems administration choices on the lookout, and MilleniAds will pick them dependent on their requirements. The organization has the alternative of utilizing the Local Area Networks (LAN) that is separated into remote and wired organization choices (Hadley, Nicol and Smith, 2017). Under the wired organization, there are Ethernet organizing choices. The Ethernet has high velocity and is more solid and doesn’t have remote interfaces. Be that as it may, when gadgets are at the same time associated with the Ethernet, the remote organization will in general slow down. The Ethernet is contrarily influenced by the actual deterrents, particularly when it is situated on a few levels, in this manner essentially diminishing the sign strength.
On the other hand, wireless networking options that include WI-FI.W-Fi offer the best solution when there is a need for flexibility in communication (Bonne et al., 2017). Wi-Fi networking option is vital, especially in the case that employees will need to connect their devices. Wi-Fi eliminates the need to have cables, and its cost is effectively reduced. However, Wi-Fi efficiency is in question since it is affected by wireless inferences from surrounding networks.

1. Conclusion: recommendations
The best networking option is wireless (WI-FI) that is flexible, reliable, and less expensive in installation, thus ensuring an effective interconnection between employees in the office and those in the field. Wi-Fi communication is not hindered by distance, and it can be used effectively within and without the office. Wi-Fi will effectively meet the needs of MilleniAds in networking.

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