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One interesting aspect of Corina Tarnita’s research

Tuesday, April 6th, 2021

Discussion week 9

One interesting aspect of Corina Tarnita’s research is how the termite mounds form green islands on dry land. The termites’ mounds facilitate plant growth therefore the mounds can be identified from a higher ground (Tarnita, 2015). Another interesting aspect of Corina Tarnita’s research is how termites develop colonies as groups and develop a sense of identity from the colonies they form. Termites develop a relationship as a colony and will differentiate themselves different from other termites. In many cases, termite colonies develop rivalry among themselves, and the rivalry accounts for the termites developing colonies at a distance from other colonies.
Another interesting aspect in Corina Tarnita’s research is how termites develop patterns in almost similar patterns and most patterns have a hexagon shape. From the patterns, it is clear that the average number of termite colony neighbors to a particular colony is six. Some termite colonies may have even seven or even less than six neighbors and one determining factor on the number of neighbors is the distance among the colonies (Tarnita, 2015). A rival fight may develop between two colonies and the stronger colony always wins killing all the other members of the other colony. The competitive behaviors among the termites’ colonies are what make the termites make boundaries that separate their mounds from other mounds to a distance, not less than thirty meters.
One advantage that the termites have on the organisms living on the Savannah land is that the termites make the soil to be moist and fertile. Termites develop their colonies in numbers forming mounds and the structural composition of the mounds is fertile soil with moisture. Therefore, plants start to grow on these mounds to access nutrients and water from the soil forming the termite mounds (Tarnita, 2015). Other advantages termites have on the Savannah land is that they contribute to the growth of plants which is food to other large animals such as herbivores. Savannah is usually a dry land making vegetation growth to be very hard but termites make the soil have moisture thereby acting as an alternative source of moisture to the plants.

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