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Community Change and Advocacy

Wednesday, November 18th, 2020

Community Change and Advocacy
Advocacy is integral in community change and has been effective in resolving some of the issues affecting society. Despite being around for numerous decades it is vital to note that the essence of advocacy has remained constant. Advocacy is the buttress of community change and with critical consideration of the advocacy principles, the effects on social change are manifest as well as defined roles of human service professionals.
Principles of Advocacy
One of the principles of advocacy is clarity of purpose. The clarity of intent sets the aims and objectives of the advocacy process. In the clarity of purpose, it is possible for one to comprehend what is intended by carrying out the advocacy process and consequently understand the impact that it can have on society. Confidentiality is another aspect or principle of advocacy. Privacy is critical, for it ensures that the issue being addressed receives the attention that is required. With confidentiality, it is possible to have people bearing confidence in answering the questions outlined at the beginning of the advocacy. To understand some of the issues affecting society, it is essential to go around a neighborhood with questionnaires and if the respondents feel safe through assured confidentiality, then there is the assurance of quality advocacy.
Another principle of advocacy is empowerment. Empowerment in advocacy means that it is possible for people to understand the importance of change and consequently engage in activities that seek to improve the state of the problematic matter. Through community empowerment, there is the creation of social bonds that can prove sufficient to individuals and groups even after the completion of a project. Empowerment also ensures that individuals manage their activities better and can set a platform for a better growing population in the fast-changing modern environment.
How Advocacy Affects Social Change
Advocacy is integral in having social change, and this is because of the manner that it affects the environment. When social groups come together, seeking to have a particular aspect in society changing, people note the importance of this and act accordingly to ensure that there is the improvement needed. Without advocacy, people would ignore some of the problems that affect society, and the consequent of this is a rotting environment.
Politicians and celebrities are some of the most prevalent influencers of social change through advocacy. The reason why they are the major influencers is the fact that they are recognized and respected for their work and the consequent of this is people paying attention to issues that they raise. It has been noted that changes take place in a somewhat positive manner when these groups of people are involved in advocacy.
Advocacy also affects social change, depending on the severity of the matter. For example, there is advocacy to see to it that the number of tobacco users in Lebanon reduces significantly. The use of the drug in the stated country has been on the rise with young adolescents beginning the use of the drug at a very young age (Community Tool Box, 2019). Increased advocacy against the use of the drug is critical, and the consequent of this is having a rather progressive society and general health improvement for the population.
Another example is relating to sexual violence and the need to mitigate the problem. Sexual abuse is an aspect that has affected the African community for numerous years. Most of the issues presented in the environment relating to sexual violence are not well addressed. Young girls that are sexually offended fear coming out and talking about their experiences for they fear discrimination (Community Tool Box, 2019). It is essential to ensure that the community stands up to assist these young girls, restore their confidence, and have them talking about their experiences to identify the perpetrators, punish them, and reduce the violence.
Role of Human Service Professionals in Advocacy
A human service worker is quite essential in the modern environment, and this is more, especially in advocacy. A quality and professional human service designation assumes the responsibility of pushing for the resolution of some of the social problems affecting the environment. One of the significant characteristics of a human service profession is the urge to assist others in the issues that they face in a social domain or setting.
A human service profession is trained in the role of advocating for social change, and one advantage that he or she has over a typical individual that lacks the training is efficiency in convincing. Regardless of the issue at hand, it is vital to note that humans are rather resilient to change and do not wish to see things deterred from the norm. Human resource professionals always ensure that they identify aspects that will effectively change the mentality of these people. Through the change, it is possible to have improved society.
Another role that these professionals have in advocacy is the identification, and the incorporation of the best channels through the advocated matter can get to the public. Due to their training, it is possible for these professionals to note the best strategies to pass information. Through the approach, there is the assurance that people will receive the information that is being promoted. The modern environment has seen human service professionalism being a rather lucrative job title and this owing to the numerous challenges affecting society. These professionals ought to receive respect owing to issues that they face in their work and the most common of this is hostility.
Advocacy should be a concept that is incorporated in the current environment if the change is to happen in a positive light. Through advocacy, the various issues affecting the society are resolved in a rather professional manner. Advocacy is not only for the sake of the modern environment but also for generations to come.
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